Kingswood Isle of Wight Residential

Monday 17th September to Friday 21st September 2018


This is a truly wonderful experience offered to our Y5 and Y6 children next year – a memorable week of learning and growing in confidence and social skills. 

At Birdham it is our school policy to extend the children’s range of learning activities and experiences as is appropriate to their personal, social and emotional development. As children progress into their final years at primary school, the demands made upon them to become effective, independent & interdependent learners increases significantly. Therefore, with this in mind we operate a residential visit to the Isle of Wight every other year, for all year 5/6 children

Over the week we will be supporting or helping the children by:

•  Increasing confidence in themselves and their own abilities
•  Creating new friendships and strengthening existing ones
•  Trying new activities and igniting interest in new hobbies
•  Experiencing the camaraderie of an overnight stay and an experience shared
•  Developing of a healthy sense of self awareness and empathy for others and their environment
•  Improving concentration, listening skills and attention span
•  Encouraging greater respect for those – both teachers and peers alike – who have shared the same journey
•  Accepting challenges and overcoming fears

Photo of activityThe key aim though is to ensure that this residential week will be one their best weeks ever!

Any questions, just pop in and ask.





Have a look through the following brochure and sample timetable to get a sense of what the children will be doing during their residential:



Kingswood Presentation




Also attached are all our letters sent to parents considering sending their child to our September 2018 school residential.



Kingswood Letter 1 (15.11.17)


Kingswood Letter 2 (7.12.17)


Kingswood Letter 3 (2.2.18)


Kingswood Letter 4 (11.6.18)


Kingswood Risk Assessments


Kingswood Photos


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