The School Council

Thumper TowerOur School Council is a place where we discuss our ideas and work together to make our school even better. We can make decisions for the school and all the pupils. Two children from each of the four oldest classes are elected by their class mates, and with the Head Boy and Head Girl gives us a total of ten councilors.  All the Council members, alongside children in all year groups, have the chance to improve our school.

In the last 12 months we have organised cake sales for charity; bought more sports stuff; designed and built a new KS1 playground; and arranged to sponsor two children with the Compassion charity!

We aim to make sure that every pupil is happy and safe at Birdham CE Primary School.


March 2018 Minutes


School Council for 2017-2018:

Rose Burris

Red Class

Charlie Ashdown and Amelia Donohue

Orange Class

Bertie Jones and Darcey Knowles

Green Class

Sophie North and Douggie Broadbridge

Yellow Class

Rachel Hopwood and Mark Holmes

Blue Class

Luca Alonso and Georgina Lamdin

Head Boy and Head Girl

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